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I am a 29 year old southern bartender who feels 25 on some days and 35 on others. I love to read and therefore have a love of writing as well. I love Rock and Roll and holistic health study. I am an online psychology student.. My blog here consist mainly of reblogged pictures,I come here to be artsy and have fun. I have two real opinion blogs on wordpress:

I am formerly extremely conservative but I recently discovered Ron Paul and am now an avid supporter. I try to be fair and balanced in my blogs but if I offend you j remember-it is just a blog.

I used to make music favorite list on my bios but here this will be easier:

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Peace Love and Rock and Roll everybody.

April 16, 2014 4:34 pm



When I look at the audience out there, it’s like I’m looking at my children. 

this is so beauts ♥

yes mama, yes!

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4:33 pm

MCCOY: Don’t be so smart, Spock.

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April 13, 2014 11:50 pm

What Say You

Save me from the vampires baby
And I’ll save you from the sleep
Take me from the concrete honey
Where nothing can be seized
Feeling like a island
Disconnected and undone
Seeing the insanity
Both sides get their run
Save me from the gamble baby
And I’ll shelter you from the cold
It’s all this worlds got anyway
Since it’s sold it’s soul
I’m getting really real and getting really deep
It’s just the…

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April 12, 2014 1:44 am

Voice in the Wilderness

A voice in the wilderness
He shouted and prepared the way
But even the wilderness has it’s strays
Looking at all that progress made
Funny how things change
But so much stays the same
After so long a few truths remain
A voice in the wilderness
The consistent persistent call
Does anybody hear
After progress pays off
When movements move on
And pep rally’s grow quiet
But the voice in the wilderness

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1:30 am

The Vampires

Divisions in the body
While the veil falls
The zombies are roaming
And the vampires call
The silence is loud
And deafens the cries
While the vampires rise
The vampires rose
Rome it was an empire
And in America a business
Had to make those votes
Had to make those hard decisions
Zombie fare sleeping awake
Choosing which rites to speak
Which souls to break
In the big sleep we dreamed
While the…

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April 10, 2014 10:20 am



Pop sugar cotton candy
Whipped air and advertising
Spin it spend it
It leaves me with nothing
Pop music pop culture
Auto tune and repetition
Spin it spend it
Hear it and it leaves me with nothin
Pop politics
Bandwagons, divisions, titles
Repeat it repay it
Later see it lest you with nothing
Pop religion.
Revised reworded soulless
New cells and left me with nothing
Pop communication
No touch no…

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10:02 am

He’s Kind of Like

He’s Kind of Like

He’s kind of like a young man
And kind of like an old one
Young and wise
Old and idealistic
Young and free
Old and realistic
He’s kind of like a friend
Kind of like a teacher
Kind of like a bohemian
Kind of like a preacher
He’s kind of kind
With some checks and balances
What can be revealed
Yet hidden in some nuances
He turns ill sometimes
Sometimes when ill is easy
And sometimes
When he just…

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9:34 am

Don’t get too far in your head You know they’d love to see it See you react in…

Don’t get too far in your head
You know they’d love to see it
See you react in repressed
See how you see it
Look around and I see nothing new
Just the magnified and full version
Of the shallow twisted and confused
No two edged swords here
No one wants to bleed
No ways of truth and life
Because no one wants to see
Nothing so real it shakes the frame
Just the status and hollow
And a bunch of junk…

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April 9, 2014 12:34 am

Down Around Here

I’m tired but I really shouldn’t be
Isn’t everyone
I’m sick and it’s all on me
But isn’t everyone
And maybe that’s why writers write
And artists make a mess
Trying not to feel alone
When we feel all the distress
Because my antenna catches everything
Down around here
Yes I pick up everything and everything feels down – around here
Wanna be in love but I wanna be alone
Won’t make any promises

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12:02 am

The Fade

The screaming apprehensions
And silent disregard
Looking for what’s real
In the apathetic and marred
Distorted truth and apparent lies
The tired souls don’t care anymore
Everything in a fade
Everyone in a haze
From the inside from the outside
Either way yesterday’s gone
From the outside from the inside
The wheels already been spun
And the tired souls don’t care anymore
Let them come let them come

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