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I am a 29 year old southern bartender who feels 25 on some days and 35 on others. I love to read and therefore have a love of writing as well. I love Rock and Roll and holistic health study. I am an online psychology student.. My blog here consist mainly of reblogged pictures,I come here to be artsy and have fun. I have two real opinion blogs on wordpress:

I am formerly extremely conservative but I recently discovered Ron Paul and am now an avid supporter. I try to be fair and balanced in my blogs but if I offend you j remember-it is just a blog.

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Peace Love and Rock and Roll everybody.

April 24, 2014 1:20 am

They Say a Man

They say a man is a weakness
And a hindrance
And all those other is
I guess I just don’t mind
For all that
What is for my life
I can take and hold that crazy
For as long as it would be held
The man and woman
Just two parts of the shell
They say don’t define yourself
Hey I don’t but…
Oh well what the hell
I’ll be your shelter
Be your safer place
And I won’t ever tell
Can you hear me
Cause I’m no…

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April 23, 2014 4:16 pm

The Closing In

I looked to north
I saw the new blood cold
I looked to the east
With it’s sabers
And agitated heat
I looked to south
Where the new red army
Has been hiding out
I hear in the west
Drought and radiation
Is gonna get the rest
The closing in is closing
Don’t you hear the murmur
Damn the fiddlers
Damn the agitated furor
Gut you on the inside
Let the outside take the shells
And the politically correct

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April 20, 2014 5:46 pm

All the Time

Walked around and got my thoughts together
They say if you think too much
You lose sight of what’s in front of you
Maybe that was the point
At least that part about the truth
The feelings and miscalculations
The ones about me and you
So I sat down and had a few feelings
They got too loud
And rampant sends my soul reeling
They say if you don’t feel then it means you’re dead
I think it strange…

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5:12 pm

Not Your Enemy

Such a beautiful day
Sustaining the drama tree
Roots in hate and discord
Branches out into the air
And just moves around in the wind
No matter how the wind changes
The good becomes bad and
Then the good becomes strange
In place of reconciliation
Is forced tolerance or placed blame
I say I’m not your enemy
Look at the roots
I say I’m not your enemy
Wrestle not against flesh and blood
But we forget…

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4:52 pm

Spent and tired

Spent and tired
Tired and spent
Looking at the days
Wonder where they went
Resurrection day
But you wouldn’t know it
Frolicking playing games
And a drink to show it
Educated holidays
And educated debates
Elitist minds got no time
For the reflection
No time for remembrance
Just for the guise and deception
Said it before we aren’t apologetic
It’s just went underground
In the heart and beats
Of heart…

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April 16, 2014 4:34 pm



When I look at the audience out there, it’s like I’m looking at my children. 

this is so beauts ♥

yes mama, yes!

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4:33 pm

MCCOY: Don’t be so smart, Spock.

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April 13, 2014 11:50 pm

What Say You

Save me from the vampires baby
And I’ll save you from the sleep
Take me from the concrete honey
Where nothing can be seized
Feeling like a island
Disconnected and undone
Seeing the insanity
Both sides get their run
Save me from the gamble baby
And I’ll shelter you from the cold
It’s all this worlds got anyway
Since it’s sold it’s soul
I’m getting really real and getting really deep
It’s just the…

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April 12, 2014 1:44 am

Voice in the Wilderness

A voice in the wilderness
He shouted and prepared the way
But even the wilderness has it’s strays
Looking at all that progress made
Funny how things change
But so much stays the same
After so long a few truths remain
A voice in the wilderness
The consistent persistent call
Does anybody hear
After progress pays off
When movements move on
And pep rally’s grow quiet
But the voice in the wilderness

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1:30 am

The Vampires

Divisions in the body
While the veil falls
The zombies are roaming
And the vampires call
The silence is loud
And deafens the cries
While the vampires rise
The vampires rose
Rome it was an empire
And in America a business
Had to make those votes
Had to make those hard decisions
Zombie fare sleeping awake
Choosing which rites to speak
Which souls to break
In the big sleep we dreamed
While the…

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